Hello, Gents and thanks so much for your interest in learning a bit more about me.
I sincerely hope that something you may read below may leave you with a certain feel, that you’ve made the right choice in choosing to spend time with me.

I’ve always aspired to be a lady who is elegant and refined, but it’s important to me that people also see my playful side.
Nevertheless, when we’re together in public I shall certainly show style and grace. I shall dress discreetly and will blend in seamlessly as if we were an authentic couple or a business colleague. You just need let me know what attire makes you comfortable (and also turns you on!)
But in our private time together, I hope you’ll see that I’m truly just a down to earth Aussie girl with a cheeky grin and a flirtatious fun nature.

In our time, I’ll endeavor to entertain you with my humor and quick wit. Conversation wise I will keep you on your toes! I hope to keep you entertained with my cheeky exchange before we even enter the bedroom!
Pssst….I’ll tell you a secret….”I’m a good girl who is very good at sometimes being bad!!”… This will no doubt heighten our intimate encounter for our dessert.

Once we’re together you’ll notice that I am extraordinarily sensual and completely in touch with my sexuality and femininity. I hope to pleasure and awaken you!

My photos are minimally photoshopped because I believe in being authentic in every way. What you see is what you’ll get!
I’m sure you’ll see that I naturally have a joy for life with no negative hang-ups. Everyone has flaws..let’s spend less time focusing on them and enjoy life and our time together!

During our date, I prefer to let a gratifying connection unfold naturally. I truly listen with care, respect discretion, and understanding. I genuinely enjoy pleasuring my clients and trying new experiences.

My promise to you is to make you feel relaxed, pampered, and satiated. You will be delighted to find that I am an unbiased and unprejudiced partner.

I tend to have a preference for longer encounters purely so we can establish a deeper connection as friends and lovers. I hate to clock watch with only a 1-hour date, because to build your trust and comfort, sometimes a lengthier booking achieves this.
Regardless, if the subject arises to extend our time together, assuming I have no prior commitments, I would love to further enjoy your company. This must be compensated for accordingly.

This is our time together. Will, you take the lead, or shall I?


Love Nikita xoxoxo

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